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The following prices are for color only. These prices are in addition to the cost of your ad. Ads requiring publishing assistance will be billed at $90 per hour. Please check to see that your ad has high resolution (300dpi) and CMYK color only. RGB color is NOT acceptable. If you choose a spot color, please specify the spot color. Black text should be created in black ink only. Photos and text should be converted to 300dpi CMYK before saving as an acceptable file format.

Acceptable file formats include PDF, EPS, Tiff, or JPG. Please no publisher files. Microsoft Word files may require publishing assistance and will be billed at $90 an hour.


4 Color Plate (CMYK):                                                                             Spot Color: (Please include the name of the color used) 
Full page cost: $225.75                                                                                 Full page cost: $117
Half page cost: $199.50                                                                                Half page cost: $81
Minimum ad size: (2"h by 3 1/4"w) $30.45                                              Minimum ad size: (2"h by 3 1/4"w) $16

BILLING: Typically on the 30th of the month, net 30 days.


AGENCY COMMISSIONS: As a non-profit neighborhood publication, Hill & Lake Press does not pay agency commissions.


Please mail check made out to Hill and Lake Press to :
Jean Deatrick
1821 Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403


DEADLINES: Space reservation deadline is approximately two weeks before the third Friday of each month. Ads must be PRINT

READY and delivered to the Advertising Manager, sent on disk, or as an email attachment to:
Jean Deatrick
1821 Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403 


GENERAL: The Hill and Lake Press reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisements deemed objectionable. The Hill and Lake Press is not responsible for inaccurate prices that it may publish.


NOTE: all ads exceeding the exact column inches contracted for will be billed at the next column inch. Ad rates are for print ready, correctly sized copy only, preferably sent on a disk, CD, or via email as an attachment.


• offset printing
• tabloid, 11” x 17” 
• 85 line screen for photos
• 3 Columns per page: {1 col: 3 1/4” }{ 2 col: 6 3/4” }{ 3 col: 10 1/8” wide}


INSERTS: 6,000 machine inserted pieces $225.00

Deliver to House of Print 

22 Benzel Ave. S.W. - P.O. Box 6 -

Madelia, Minnesota 56062

P 507.642.3297