Since March of 1976, The Hill & Lake Press has served the community as a non profit newspaper, and is staffed by volunteers. The Paper is fully supported by its advertisers and Minneapolis neighborhood associations: East Isles Residents Association (EIRA), Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA), Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA), and Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA).


The paper is published monthly and is delivered free of charge to 5,000 homes in the central Minneapolis area. Additionally, 1000 copies are distributed to various businesses and public buildings in the area.


The mission of the Hill & Lake Press is to cover issues that concern our immediate neighborhood, to provide a vehicle for communication with the neighborhood associations, to publish opinions from residents and to offer a forum to residents to submit local news, photos and human interest stories involving our neighbors in central Minneapolis.


The Hill & Lake Press does not endorse political candidates


Photos by Dorothy Childers
Illustrations by Roger Boehm and Joyce Murphy

************UPDATES TO THE HILL AND LAKE PRESS!*******************

We’re very excited to update you on some of the changes we’re making to our community newspaper.

As you know, HLP is distributed to mainly four neighborhoods ~ Kenwood, Lowry Hill, East Isles and Cedar-Isles-Dean.The stellar efforts of Jean Deatrick, as editor and team of one for 20 years, are so appreciated.

The baton has been passed to Craig Wilson, as our new editor, along with a supporting team to maintain and improve our community paper.



We’ve already accomplished many things that will help us strengthen our Hill & Lake Press tagline ‘Where the biggies leave off’. These include:

  • Becoming 501c-3 non-profit organization 

  • Full color

  • Increasing Circulation from 5000 to about 8000:

    • Switching to USPS bulk mail delivery to all homes/apartments in the neighborhoods (and a few beyond the borders)

    • Expanding Drop-Off Delivery to businesses and multi-family housing in the neighborhood

  • Creating a Hill & Lake Press Board of Directors with members representing all four neighborhoods

  • Providing our readers with sound content while balancing important stories and critical issues with fun and entertaining events happening in the community.

And we have lots of other ideas we’ll introduce as time unfolds. We will continue to look to you, our advertisers, supporters and readers for suggestions and critiques ~ as this is your newspaper!


We are making some changes to advertising that we wanted to warn you about. This includes tightening deadlines, which we feel are critical to deliver a great paper on time with good information and accurate content.


Our deadline & schedule for submitting Advertising for Hill & Lake Press that we’ll follow monthly:

  • 29th – 31st of previous month ~ Reminder Email that Space Reservations are due on the 1st

  • 1st ~ Space Reservations due to Heather Deatrick at

  • 7th ~ All completed Ads (we’ll give you specifics, but must be minimum 300 dpi saved in CMYK color formatting as a JPEG or PDF) for current month’s issue to Heather Deatrick

  • This will allow us to proof both ads and content to meet our printer deadlines to ensure to deliver to 8000 homes/readers

  • The team of writers, photographers, proofreaders will prepare the edition to send to graphic designer and then printer for completion

  • The Delivery Date targeted is still the third Friday of the month


We also are streamlining our ad sizes to make it stronger and more uniform with all ads in full color.

We will have five sizes ~ with dimensions and new pricing below:


Ad SizeDimensionFull Color Price

Sixteenth page3.75"h by 2.5" w$89

Eighth page3.75"h by 5"w$249

Quarter Page7.5"h by 5" w$399

Half Page7.5"h by 10"w$549

Full Page15" by 10"w$999

These prices will start September 2022.


We look forward to continuing to serve you and help our newspaper builds new business for you.

We thank you for your support and are available to answer any questions.

Our objective is to deliver to all a great experience ~ reader, neighborhood associations, advertisers and the volunteers that produce the paper.

We think these are steps in the right direction and look to you to voice your thanks, criticism and concerns and suggestions to improve this vehicle to communicate.