Since March of 1976, The Hill & Lake Press has served the community as a non profit newspaper, and is staffed by volunteers. The Paper is fully supported by its advertisers and Minneapolis neighborhood associations: East Isles Residents Association (EIRA), Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA), Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA), and Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA).


The paper is published monthly and is delivered free of charge to 5,000 homes in the central Minneapolis area. Additionally, 1000 copies are distributed to various businesses and public buildings in the area.


The mission of the Hill & Lake Press is to cover issues that concern our immediate neighborhood, to provide a vehicle for communication with the neighborhood associations, to publish opinions from residents and to offer a forum to residents to submit local news, photos and human interest stories involving our neighbors in central Minneapolis.


The Hill & Lake Press does not endorse political candidates





Photos by Dorothy Childers
Illustrations by Roger Boehm and Joyce Murphy